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19250 Majdanpek


Phone: 0038130581029

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About agency "Mirno More"

Agency "Mirno More" was founded as a family business in 2008 - over the years it grew and spread.

First of all, "Mirno More" is the organizers of one-day adventure trips in eastern Serbia (around Majdanpek, Kladovo and Bor): hiking on the mountain Starica, a tour of the waterfalls "Beli Izvorac" and natural stone arch "Valja Prerast", a tour of Pustinjac (Valja Fundata) and the canyon of the river Pek, a tourist tour through the canyon of Jagnjila and the cave Korkan, Vlach magic - a tour of ritual places of Vlach mythology, Lazars Canyon adventure trip...

Passenger safety, together with the quality of services, are our priorities.

Also, we are travel agents, working with trustworthy tour operators, specialized for travel destinations in South East Europe (Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria...) and Middle East countries (Turkey and Egypt).

On the Serbian market we are well known and respected for quality and efficiency in business.

Dedication, integrity and professionalism above all.

Among other business, promotion of various rock bands and talented comoposers is our job.

Our managers have more than 25 years of experience in show business and this gives us the right to claim that we are reliable and loyal partners.

For one of the strongest insurance companies in Eastern Europe "Dunav Osiguranje" we issue passenger Health Insurance Policies.

We strongly recommend this type of insurance for all our travelers.

When you find yourself needing a translator, do not hesitate to contact us immediatelly.

Simultaneous translation of English to Serbian and reverse.

We do our best to set up new and maintain high standards of business.

Thank you for choosing "Mirno More"

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