Waterfall "Beli Izvorac"

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Hiking tour: Beli Izvorac, Goats Cave, Small Cave and Valja Prerast

"Beli Izvorac, Valja Prerast and Rajkos Cave" is a hiking tour that includes a tour of very rare natural structures (phenomena) near to Majdanpek

Place of departure: road between Majdanpek and Donji Milanovac about 12 kilometres from Majdanpek to the south-east

Directions: Fishpond - Waterfall Beli Izvorac - Goat's Cave - Small Cave - Viewpoint "Straza" - natural stone arch "Valja Prerast" - by bus to Rajkos Cave

Total length of the trail (without visiting the Rajko cave): about 7 kilometers (4 to 5 hours of walking).

"Beli Izvorac" is one of the few cascading waterfalls in Serbia. The height of the highest waterfall is 16 meters, the length of the cascades is several hundred meters (a cave channel 13 meters long and 4 meters wide is formed under the highest waterfall).

Downstream from the waterfall, there are barriers made of sand stones (small lakes) with a diameter of up to 10 meters and a depth of about 2 meters.

In the immediate vicinity of the waterfall is the source of the White spring and two caves, which were inhabited more than 40,000 years ago (Goats and Smal caves). The research of these caves was financed during 2020 by the University of Winnipeg from Canada and the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia.

At Goats Cave, Neanderthal remains were found, as well as various artifacts (stone axes and spearheads). At the same time, Small Cave represents one of the oldest sites of homo sapiens material culture in Southeast Europe. It can be assumed that 40 millennia ago - Neanderthals and Homo sapiens were neighbors (they lived in two caves that are only 100 meters away from each other).

The caves are not illuminated, so if you are in the mood for a little speleological adventure, you will have to use a flashlight.

On the way to the natural stone arch is the Straza viewpoint (540 meters above sea level). The viewpoint itself is part of the Malo Krs ridge (from where you can see the Deli Jovan and Miroc mountains).

A fascinating natural stone arch (popularly known as the "hollow rock" under which the river passes) is located a few kilometers away. This natural stone bridge, Valja Prerast, is the highest stone arch in Europe. 

With its height of over 45 meters and width at the bottom of about 10 meters, it dominates the surroundings in its beauty, especially when you see the sun below it in the afternoon.

Rajko's Cave

Rajko's cave was named after the hajduk - the robber Rajko, who is supposed to have lived in the 19th century. He robbed Turkish caravans at night and hid his treasure in this cave.

The cave was first explored by the geographer Jovan Cvijić in 1894, and the research was continued only in the seventies of the twentieth century. 

Rajko's cave was opened for tourists in 1975.

It is rich in cave jewelry of fairy-tale shapes (the jewelry is made of the highest quality white crystalline calcite). The corridors of Rajkova Pečina are over two kilometers long and are divided into river and dry horizons.

The temperature of the cave is a constant 8 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is 100%, which is why warmer clothes are recommended for visiting the cave, even in the summer. The length of the trail, accessible to visitors, inside the Rajko cave is about 1.4 kilometers.


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