Pustinjac and river pek canyon

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Are you ready for an extraordinary journey? Are you ready for a real adventure?

Agency "Mirno More" organizes reliable guides for visiting "Pustinjac" (area known as "Valja Fundata") - it is an incredible sandy desert, the only one of its kind in this part of Europe.

Pustinjac (or Valja Fundata) is located 7 kilometers from Majdanpek, and about 2 kilometers from the village Debeli Lug.

This sandy desert is located at the very top of the hill - which makes it specific and not very easy to reach. At the same time, near the desert is the unique canyon of the gold-bearing river Pek.

This desert has an area of several square kilometers, and in terms of its appearance and structure, the sand is closest to the Egyptian deserts and the eastern Sahara. It is a desert created as a result of decades of ore processing in search of gold and copper. The sand of this desert is the result of ore flotation.

The desert itself is located on the grounds of the former Majdanpek Copper Mine (it is a mine that is now owned by the Chinese company "ZIJIN Bor Copper D.O.O."). The Vlach name of the desert - "Valja Fundata" is not easy to translate, but the closest meaning is "Valley of No Retur". Once you see Pustinjac, you will understand why the natives gave this desert such a picturesque name. It should be keep on mind that the Chinese company started the process of greening Pustinjec in early 2022 by covering part of the desert with a thin layer of soil and then starting the process of planting grass. For now, there are no significant results. The desert took on a harsher look.

Tourist tour: Pustinjac (Valja Fundata) and the Pek river canyon

Note: this tour is organized only during the months of July and August

The tour starts in Todorova Reka (excursion point about 8 kilometers from Majdanpek) and continues to the sandy desert "Valja Fundate" and then to the water catchment "Pustinjac", then through the canyon of the Pek River back to the village of Debeli Lug.

The canyon of the Pek river is specific for its incredible and unique flora, specific climate, which in terms of its characteristics is the closest to a rainforest.

For this reason, this route is called: "Through the desert and rainforest".

The length of the entire trail is about 12 kilometers, including more than 4 kilometers through the Pek river canyon.

It is a tour on which travelers must prepare for: walking on sand and rocks, walking through the forest, walking on stones through water and partly swimming through the river Pek. The duration of hiking and passing through the canyon is about 7 hours (depending on the condition of the participants).


Price for hiring a tourist guide is 100,00 EUR (this is the total price for a group of up to 4 people).

In case you have a larger group of adventurers (for groups of 5 or more people) - call the agency for price of this adventure.

VERY IMPORTANT: We suggest you bring a scarf to protect your nose and mouth from the fine desert sand in case the wind blows.

We recommend that you protect all electronic equipment you carry with you from moisture and water by using waterproof backpacks or similar protective items. If you have wetsuits for rafting or diving, bring them (this is your chance to use them). This route is not recommended for non-swimmers (since there are places in the canyon of the Pek river through which, due to the depth of the water, you have to swim).

Please do not take children with you, this route is not easy and is not intended for children.

For more information about the mentioned routes and to hire a guide - call agency "Mirno More"

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