Mountain Starica

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Climbing Mountain Starica

An adventure tour with breathtaking viewpoints and landscapes

There are two ways to get to the top of the Starica mountain (Starica on serbian is Old Lady):

along a longer path that leads from the lake "Veliki Zaton" and on a shorter but significantly steeper path (the so-called "cardio" path) that starts from city of Majdanpek.

The highest peak of Starica is located at 796 meters above sea level (the lower part of the town of Majdanpek is at 350 meters above sea level).

The cumulative ascent along the trail is about 450 meters. Residents of this part of Serbia say that Majdanpek is "an island at the sea of forests".

The path is mostly through the forest, and it takes about 90 minutes to reach the top of Starica. The view from the top is fascinating - the entire city and incredible landscapes within a radius of 80 kilometers can be seen as if in the palm of your hand. After the climb to the top, there is a hike towards the "Radjina" pass and passing through it. A few kilometers from there is the Vučija valley, and there we visit the place where the Paskova river sinks. On the way to Rajko's cave, we also visit the natural amphitheater - Radenko's stage.

IMPORTANT: For all those interested, it is possible to organize a tour of Rajkova Pečina (this tour is charged separately from this adventure tour).

Climbing the Starica mountain, visiting the natural stone arch "Rađina", going to Vučia dolina and the abyss of the Paskova river and returning to Majdanpek - length of the trail (total): about 14 km.


Price for hiring a tourist guide is 80,00 EUR (this is the total price for a group of up to 4 people).

In case you have a larger group of adventurers (for groups of 5 or more people) - call the agency to agree on the price of this adventure.

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