Lost lake

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Hiking tour: The way to the "Lost Lake"

The unreal scenes of the terrain behind the Starica mountain will make you think that you are on another planet. 

The starting point for this hiking route is from the town of Majdanpek, via the Cardios Path to the top of Starica.

The highest peak of the Starica mountain is located at 796 meters above sea level, the starting point is at 350 meters.

The rout then continues along forest paths through strange and unusual landscapes to the "Lost Lake".

The "Lost Lake" bears its name because most of the local population, due to its inaccessibility and specific location (cut between hills and partially protected by quicksand), never managed to reach it. The name has also become popular among adventurers and hikers. 

From the "Lost Lake" the path continues by climbing partly with the help of a rope along the berm, further towards the natural stone arch Radjina and from there through Wolfs Vally towards the abyss of the Paskova river. "Radenkova Bina", a natural amphitheater in the immediate vicinity of Rajkos Cave, is also visited.

The hike to the Starica mountain, the descent to the "Lost Lake", climbing along the berm and hiking to the natural stone arch "Radjina", passing through the Wolfs Valley, visiting the abyss of the "Paskova" river and the natural amphitheater "Radenkova bina" make this trail a long about 18 km.

NOTE: Due to the specific terrain and length of the trail, we recommend all participants to bring comfortable shoes and sufficient amounts of water.


Price for hiring a tourist guide is 80,00 EUR (this is the total price for a group of up to 4 people).

In case you have a larger group of adventurers (for groups of 5 or more people) - call the agency to agree on the price of this adventure.

For those who want it, a tour of "Rajko's Cave" can be arranged in advance (announcement is necessary). The price of this tour does not include the tour of "Rajko's Cave".

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