lazarus canyon viewpoints

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Spectacular viewpoints of the deepest and longest dry canyon in Serbia


Untouched jungle among the rocks

The most similar to the backwaters of Venezuela or the Amazon

The adventure of visiting the viewpoints in Lazarus Canyon - is organized during the months of May, June, July and August.

During the given months, it is not safe to pass through the Lazarus Canyon (because it is the habitat of poisonous snakes) and that's why we visit the viewpoints, which are a safer places.

The adventure starts at Lazarus cave and continues for about 2 kilometers to the viewpoints at the entrance to Lazarus Canyon (Viewpoint No. 2 and Viewpoint No. 1).

After that, along a macadam road about 6.5 kilometers long, we go to seven truly spectacular viewpoints on Kovej (740 meters above sea level).

If you wish, at the Kovej lookout point, you can use the Zip Line to drive above a part of Lazarus Canyon.

At the same time, it is possible to organize a traditional wallachian lunch or dinner at the Kovej viewpoint.

Lazarus Canyon is located about 4 kilometers from the village of Zlot (about 10 kilometers from Bor and 100 kilometers from Majdanpek). It is the deepest and longest dry canyon in Serbia. Due to the very steep and inaccessible rocky cliffs, it has not yet been explored in detail. 

The canyon is known for its numerous caves.

It is about 9 kilometers long and between 300 and 500 meters high.

The rocks of the canyon are vertical and flat, cut into the limestone massif of Južno Kučaj. In the narrowest part, the width of the canyon is only 7 meters.

In the immediate vicinity of the Lazarus Canyon is the Malinik mountain, whose highest peak is 1,087 meters.

This adventure does not require an excessively high level of fitness. It is suitable for:

- Teams and team building

- Hanging out with friends

- Challenge-seeking individuals and photography enthusiasts

- Families with older children

Very important: The length of the route is about 16 kilometers (the duration of the adventure is up to 9 hours).

Adventure participants must be physically fit for hiking and without health problems.

The guide reserves the right to shorten or change the course of movement due to unfavorable weather conditions.

We suggest you bring: hiking shoes, spare clothes, windbreaker, raincoat (in case of rain), hat and flashlight or headlamp.

This route is also suitable for older children.

During the time of the Turks, Lazarus Canyon was one of the most important shelters for serbian rebels. Entering this canyon meant salvation for the rebels because the Turks never dared to follow them. Legend has it that after the Battle of Maricka (1371 AD), the cavalry of Prince Lazar Hrebljanovic came to these parts (so the cave at the entrance to the canyon and the canyon itself were named after Prince Lazar).

We do not recommend going through the canyon in the summer months (from the beginning of May to the end of August).


Price for hiring a tourist guide is 100,00 EUR (this is the total price for a group of up to 4 people).

In case you have a larger group of adventurers (for groups of 5 or more people) - call the agency for the price of this adventure.

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