Passing Through The Lazarus Canyon


Jungle among the rocks

Just like the wild nature of Venezuela or the Amazon

Lazarus Canyon is located about 4 kilometers from the village of Zlot (about 12 kilometers from Bor and 85 kilometers from Majdanpek). It is the deepest and longest dry canyon in Serbia. 

In early spring (March, April or May), due to the melting of the snow, it can happen that the ice-cold river flows through the entire Lazarus Canyon, and then the passage is extremely difficult, but not impossible.

Due to the inaccessible rocky cliffs, it has not been fully explored. The canyon is known for its numerous caves and pits. 

It is about 9 kilometers long and the cliffs are 300 to 400 meters high. The canyon was created by the action of three rivers (now sinkholes): Mikulj, De Mizlok and Vey. The cliffs of the canyon are vertical and flat, cut into the limestone massif of South Kucaj. At the narrowest part, the width of the canyon is less than 7 meters. The Malinik mountain (1,087 meters) is in the immediate vicinity of the Lazarus Canyon.

The Lazarus Canyon was, during the time of the Turks, one of the most important shelters for Hayduks (serbian rebels). Entering this canyon meant salvation for the Hayduks, because the Turks did not dare to follow them. Legend has it that, after the Battle of Maricka (AD 1371), the horsemens of Prince Lazarus Hrebljanovic came to this area (so the cave at the entrance to the canyon and the canyon itself were named after Prince Lazarus).

Lazarus Canyon is one of the few remaining oases of complete peace in Serbia.

In the canyon itself, there are numerous nests of poisonous snakes, mostly vipers. This is the reason that passing through the canyon is not the safest to do in the summer months.


Why is this canyon so different from others? In addition to its terrifying beauty, Lazarus Canyon is characterized by a geomagnetic anomaly, known in the world as the Zlot Geomagnetic Anomaly. The direction of the anomaly is: Rtanj mountain - Lazarus Canyon - Bor - Majdanpek. Geomagnetic field anomalies registered between Bor and Majdanpek, plotted on the geomagnetic map, indicate that this area has the strongest geomagnetic field in Serbia.

The cause of significantly increased magnetism in this canyon can be ore deposits or specific frequencies from the center of the earth.


The route starts at Lazarus Cave and continues for about 7.50 kilometers through Lazarus Canyon. The first 2.5 km is an easy walk along the dried-up river bed, but after that, the much more difficult part of the trail begins. In several places, you come across giant stone blocks, which blocked the riverbed. They must be climbed carefully. Occasionally, crawling under or going around huge fallen trees is unavoidable.

In one part of the canyon, there is an ascent along the ridge for about 700 meters to the top of the canyon, and then a forest road leads to the Kovey viewpoint (located at 740 meters above sea level). It is possible to organize a traditional Vlach lunch at the given place, with an announcement to the hosts. The length of the trail is about 17 kilometers (direction: Lazarus Cave - Lazarus river canyon - Chabrovi - Kovey creek - Kovey viewpoint - Lazarus Cave). 

This is a route where travelers must be prepared to walk on rocky and slippery terrain. The duration of the hike is about 9 hours.

This route through the Lazarus Canyon is of medium difficulty and is not intended for people in poor condition.


1. Participants of this tour must be physically ready for hiking and have no health problems that would prevent them from being able to withstand the passage through the Lazarus Canyon.

2. The guide reserves the right to shorten or change the route due to unfavorable weather conditions.

3. Agency "Mirno More" is not responsible for possible injuries and accidents caused by force majeure or the arbitrariness of individuals, accidents caused by health problems, as well as accidents caused under the influence of alcohol and other illegal psychoactive substances.

4. We suggest you bring: hiking boots, spare clothes, windbreaker, raincoat (in case of rain), cap/hat and battery or headlamp.

5. If you suffer from claustrophobia or have a fear of heights - do not go on a tour through Lazarus Canyon.

6. In the canyon itself, you are completely cut off from modern telecommunications, there is no mobile phone or internet.

7. Please do not take children under the age of 16 with you, this route is not easy and is not intended for children.


Price for hiring a tourist guide is 100,00 EUR (this is the total price for a group of up to 4 people).

In case you have a larger group of adventurers (for groups of 5 or more people) - call the agency for the price of this adventure.

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Photos: Marko Vlaovic, "Gorstaci"

Photos: Marko Vlaovic, "Gorstaci"