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Where the Danube is deepest and narrowest

Mirno More organizes tourist guides for visiting the Iron gate (Djerdap gorge) and the most beautiful viewpoints in Serbia. You can choose which adventure you want to go on: Pesaca (about 15 kilometers before Donji Milanovac), Ploce (about 15 kilometers after Donji Milanovac), great Strbac, small Strbac... each tour is specific and the viewpoints are fascinating and unique. The right place for all lovers of untouched nature and photography.


The tour starts at the spring near the place called "Pecka bara" right next to "Great Kazan". The Danube is deepest (94 meters) and narrowest (157 meters) at this place. It continues through the area of the "Djerdap" National Park up to the viewpoint "Ploce" and then to the peaks of the gorge "great Strbac" (768 meters above sea level) or "small Strbac" (626 meters above sea level). The mentioned peaks are part of the Miroc mountain. Miroc mountain and Iron Gate (Djerdap gorge) are places where every adventurer can find their own corner to enjoy. 

The route is moderately difficult and has a total length of about 16 kilometers, the duration of the adventure is about 7 hours.

King Decibelus (sculpture 40 meters high)

Viewpoints Ploce

The view from small Strbac

From the top of "small Strbac" it is possible to see the largest carved stone sculpture in Europe, the head of King Decibelus, which is located on the Romanian side, on the left bank of the Danube (the sculpture is 40 meters high). In the immediate vicinity, on the very bank of the Danube, you can also see the Mrakonja monastery, which is named after the Romanian river of the same name, which flows into the Danube in the immediate vicinity. Across from the monastery "Mrakonj" (which means - dark place), on the right - Serbian side of the Danube, there is one of the best places for fishing and camping on the entire course of the Danube through Serbia - the Hajduk mill.


Price for hiring a tourist guide is 100,00 EUR (this is the total price for a group of up to 4 people).

In case you have a larger group of adventurers (for groups of 5 or more people) - call the agency for the price of this adventure.

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