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Hiking tour Flat River

This hiking route is intended only for people in good condition, ready to hike more than 22 kilometers

Hiking tour Flat River starts several kilometers away from Majdanpek (trout pond on the 12 kilometer road between Majdanpek and Donji Milanovac).

Direction of movement: Pond - Waterfall "Beli Izvorac" - Goat's Cave - Small Cave - Viewpoint "Straza" - natural stone arch "Valja Prerast" - Ravna River - Rajkovo Ski Resort - Rajkovo River Abyss - Rajkovo Cave - Majdanpek

This campaign can be carried out any day during the year.

Total length of the trail: about 23 kilometers (about 9 hours of walking).

Flat River is intended for nature lovers of all ages, but, it is important to note, only for people who are in good condition.

Despite the name Flat River, this hiking route has several interesting climbs. We will only mention the ascent from Ravna Reka to the ski resort "Rajkovo", when you have to climb from about 250 meters above sea level to 750 meters.

NOTE: Be sure to bring comfortable footwear for hiking/hiking and enough water.


Price for hiring a tourist guide is 80,00 EUR (this is the total price for a group of up to 4 people).

In case you have a larger group of adventurers (for groups of 5 or more people) - call the agency to agree on the price of this adventure.

Valja Prerast is a protected natural asset and the price of the guide includes the fee charged by the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Majdanpek for entry to this area.

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